Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Meditation 2016 "In Search of Jack Frost"

Jack Frost- Second Installment! I am still in search of him, who he is and where is he from.... He is the most eloquent of artists with crystal tipped brush and the swiftest most delicate strokes. His laughter crackles as though the thinnest layer of ice is breaking. For aeons he studied the world of nature. Tracing every shape in silver and in the process opening our eyes to every natural SHAPE. But I believe that his greatest joy came when we created windows. For at that moment we gave him his canvases - a place to create his original work.

This morning he did a quick sketch of himself on my dining room window, well at least a sketch of his clothing and his long and winding hat! You can see the hat twining up the left middle of the window. Curiously he left his face blank. Does that mean that he is invisible? Or is it that he prefers to remain anonymous? Ah, Jack, the search continues...


Anonymous said...

Jack Frost - I saw him painting leaves one fall when I was a small child. We were driving along the road into town and went past a house with many trees in the front yard. Some of the leaves were colorful and some still green. A ladder was leaning against one of the trees. A man was on the ladder with a bucket and what looked like a paint brush. I knew it was Jack Frost because my mom had told me stories about how he painted the leaves in the fall. I may have been quite young, but I know what I saw - it's a very vivid memory.
Julie Moss
Storyteller & Writer

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diane - I have vivid childhood memories of overnight visits from Jack Frost and the wonderful designs on the old sash window in my bedroom almost seemed an adult conspiracy to pull me out of bed and lure me to look out and see the sun rise over Storm King Mountain. The bright light filtered through the delicate tracery of frosty designs was dazzling and magical and partially made up for having to get up and go to school on cold mornings. I rarely see Jack Frost's designs now - is it global warming that keeps him away or modern double paned windows? I suppose if I saw icy designs on the windows nowadays, I'd assume something was wrong with the heating system!
Madelyn Folino