Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Attitude of Gratitude

Black Swallowtail Butterfly just emerged May 2014
We all try to do our part. But what if our part was as heartfelt and simple as the psychic space of Gratitude.

Since Thanksgiving I have been thinking about it a lot... How do we express gratefulness? How do we experience it?

The most important thing gratitude brings to me is the experience of Relationship. This gratitude is not at all "General Thanks!" That idea is vague and does not create the experience of relationship. it is when realizing and expressing thanks for a specific creature, place or moment that I feel the presence of the "other" and the gentle space that they take in this world.

Offering thanks is an offering that is ongoing. My family acknowledged it while gathering around a table and before partaking of the food - giving thanks. Here is to the hope that Thanks Giving can be a bit more private - and definitely ongoing.

We do have an important place at the table. Let us give Thanks! #thanksgiving #gratitude #nature #blackswallowtailbutterfly