Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Drive Like A Storyteller!

As an on the road performer, sometimes I travel up to six hours in the car to tell my stories. On these journeys (and even on the short ones!) I keep reminding myself to Drive Like A Storyteller. Drive like you have all the time in the world! Drive like you are the millionaire and heiress of all time! Drive as though 'Once Upon A Time' and the mythic 'In the Beginning Time' were unfolding all around you.

Joseph Campbell said that myths and stories are happening all around us! Look! Orpheus is playing music on the street corner, Ahab is walking down the line of stopped cars begging for money! See what is bubbling up in the world outside and inside of the imagination. Riches await!

Time is NOT Money it is POSSIBILITY!

Wishing you good travels and the kind of time we knew from long ago!