Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Storytelling Troubadour!

This August I told tales from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the rocky shores of Maine for room and board and some pin money. I was rewarded with breathtaking sights and lovely audiences - including telling tales by a campfire just before a break with s'mores. The Appalachian Mountain Club hosted me at Pinkham Notch and at Highland Lodge and Newagen Seaside Inn in Maine showed that they know the importance of storytelling. As one fireside boy who is a regular at the Inn said to me, "This is my favorite part of coming here.... well also the Clambake!" A sunset walk from the Inn led Tom and I to discover a plaque dedicated to Rachel Carson. May we all rededicate ourselves to treasuring and being caretakers for the natural life all around us.
Rachel Carson chose the wild beauty of the Maine coast near her cottage for her ashes