Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sense of Place

Summer 2011 was a busy one with over 40 performances at various venues. A grueling but satisfying journey but how would I find ways to ground myself in this onrush of places... I hardly felt like myself when I arrived at a venue. I was too much in transit.
Enter a new idea! BE ON THE LOOKOUT! The lookout for places "on the way" nature spots spots to walk in or contemplate to help me feel connected
I found such amazing little nature sites and as I look back over the summer those moments in nature come back to me with such sweetness. The deep pool of quiet water beside a rushing river in Rhode Island, A nature path I walked before a show where I saw the most unusual mushrooms and beetles. These places also gave me pause as I saw how everywhere people were preserving wild spaces. It was a heartening experience for a conservationist like me.
To be on the LOOKOUT also turned out to be a great idea for the foodie in me.
I saw a road side sign that said SQUASH BLOSSSOMS and celebrated the moment by pulling over at Aquilantes a little diner-like restaurant in Rhode Island with lots of heart. I could not resist these little gems they fried and stuffed these blossoms with delicate cheese and a lemon sauce. "Where do you get your zucchini blossoms from?" I asked the waitress. "Oh from a sweet little old Italian lady. She brings them every year." Perfect!! I was Walking Local Eating Local and this on the road teller got to support so many things local to being wherever I was on the road.
The summer was filled with other moments of wonder. Eating roadside peaches by the side of the road in Granville Mass. They burst open with juice and flavor. Next year I will return there at the same time even if I don't have a job there!