Sunday, January 3, 2016

Library as Labyrinth

Decided to take my own advice on rambling through books to see if fortune and serendipity would smile on me. I was in downtown Boston, so entered the Boston Public Libraries lions and marble staircase up to the research wing of the BPL trying to find my way to the "hidden stacks." The hidden stacks of books that you must call up into the light of day. I've long wanted to peruse the Ethnographic studies of the folktales and folklore of the Native American people- I know they are in the "stacks!" I was sent along from info desk to info desk - like hearing from the Doormen in the Wizard of Oz... deeper and deeper into the heart of the research area and then catapulted out into some other unusual area, led by the whispers of polka dotted librarians, past the research books on folktales and folklore. And finally, after scooping up a travel book that I hope will lead me to the Monarch migration in Mexico I found two writers who spoke to me. Nan Phifer's "Writing your Spiritual Autobiography" (she takes prompts to such an articulate level) and Thomas Moore "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life."  His writings on sacred space and nature were immediately close to my heart. When a book is well-written it is like meeting a kindred spirit who can shed light on your search and companion you in your work.

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