Sunday, March 22, 2015

Storying the Landscape

In ancient times a story, a place and a time of year walked hand in hand. Now those of us who are tradition tellers need to bring that possibility to the landscapes that surround us. I call this work Living Myth Events.

When working on a Living Myth Event I try to match not just a location but a time of year. This is a tool of the ancients- not just where but when. I choose a time of year when a traditional celebration was held. Often story has already played a part.

So far I have held three major Living Myth events:

Millennium LabyrinTh with its elements of the Theseus myth. In this event twin Ariadnes guided subway commuters inside the Boston MBTA safely into the Millennium; In the Groves an annual event at the Summer Solstice with collaborator harper Margot Chamberlain in which tree myths and songs celebrate the large tree sanctuary of Arnold Arboretum; and now Flora's Holiday at Tower Hill Botanic Garden celebrating the first days of May and flowers.

Don't forget what you are storying! In this case our walking singing May Day journey focuses is on vast areas filled with unusual Flowers.

Flora's Holiday!
Where: Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA truly a springtime paradise of blossoms.
When: May 1st and 2nd the highlight of Flora's ancient festival.
What: Flower myths, legends and songs.

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