Monday, March 2, 2015


I've been so fortunate to be invited to exchange stories with master storyteller Jay O'Callahan on a regular basis. I meet with him at 7:30 AM - that's when he begins rehearsal! Sometimes he's been for an ocean swim before we meet! Because of his great gifts he is often asked to commemorate occasions with a story and he was working on one when last we met. The short poetic celebrations of people he creates often involve rhyme and it inspired me to write one for an upcoming event for Gerry Wright's 80th birthday (Gerry is a well know conservationist and social justice advocate who is also my neighbor!) I was amazed at how rhyming helped bring out what I wanted to say in an unusual way and made it Sparkle. Here's what I wrote about my 'cross the street' encounters with Gerry. Someone we also affectionately call "The Prophet." Gerry always speaks in cryptic phrases that you think you should understand! The photo is of him portraying Frederick Law Olmstead in his one person show.

Gerry as Olmstead

When Gerry is your Neighbor

Gerry calls out:
“Let’s meet across the river!”
The "river" is our street.
We meet on an embankment.
No subject too discreet.

"That’s It! That’s It! That’s IT!" he cries!
Though what “it” is you can’t surmise,
For Gerry Wright is more than wise
Esoteric truth -no compromise!
Yes, food for thought that is your prize
When Gerry is your neighbor.

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