Sunday, January 18, 2015

Circles in the Water....

Zbyszek Cynkutis* made a wonderful analogy to the energy that can manifest in artistic work: dropping stones into the water and the rings arise.

"You may think that the most interesting moment is when the stone is thrown. Powerful, yes, but perhaps not the most interesting. The most interesting is the circles that arise from this action - this energy creating more energy moving outward." Cynkutis, 1984

Although producers are often hoping for an easily graspable sound bite of who you are, I choose my projects not to clarify an image of myself but to expand star-shaped as far as is possible. So I began and so I continue: The Kurdish Storytelling Project, Living Myth Events, Millennium Labyrinth, Storying a Landscape, Storytelling and the Art of Play, Cynkutis Book Project.... 

I am looking to find not just skipping stones, but stones with a love of the depths that can bring expanding circles. I say this as much to state it as to encourage myself forward. This is not a clear path to monetary success and its value has to be sourced again and again.

We choose what to support - and what we feel will create rings - create energy. Give your deepest dreams trajectory - let the circles begin.

* I studied with Zbigniew Cynkutis, an actor with the Polish Laboratory Theater of Poland, in 1986. I have been working on a writing about his work and approach for many years. I call it "Cynkutis Book Project" it has accompanied me on my journey to create an original piece in this way entitled: RESTRAINTS. I was aided in the development of this piece by his widow and collaborator. My dear friend Jolanta Cynkutis. 

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