Saturday, January 3, 2015

La Vie En Rose

I love to sing and this moment was captured at dinner with friends during the December 2014 holidays. No picture, no one wanted a camera to spoil the moment. There is just a discreet close-up of the holiday tablecloth as I sing "La Vie En Rose" accompanied by my husband Tom Megan on accordion.

A brief aside: We visited Edith Piaf's grave in Paris several years ago on exactly the same day- December 27th! Among the famous graves at the Pere La Chaise cemetery in Paris were Jim Morrison's, Oscar Wilde's and Edith Piaf's. To Jim Morrison's grave, people brought candles and they were burning brightly, Oscar Wilde's large and ornate grave was adorned with the heavily lipsticked kisses of hundred's of admirers and on the "little swallow", Edith Piaf's, grave were left long stemmed roses.

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Kate Lee said...

Diane this is beautiful!! Never stop singing
Love Marni