Monday, June 5, 2017

Twilight Time

The Arnold Arboretum at Twilight

Twilight Time

At this time of year, I'm strongly aware of the beauty of twilight. In the book, Seven Arrows, which speaks of the deep culture of the Cheyenne, the sunset direction of west gives the gift of introspection. And I do feel that deep quiet when watching the sun slowly sink below the horizon.

For painters and photographers as well as for ancient cultures, twilight is a sacred betwixt and between time when we see things in a special way. At this transition time between day and night the landscape and all its creatures are touched by beauty. Transition times the old legends tell us are when magic can happen! It is a doorway time when fairies appear and other forces can enter. From a practical point of view, if you look at any of the major transitions that happen in our lives you can see that those transition times ARE when we are most open to change and the chance that something new might enter is truly possible.

Our Storytelling and Music journeys in the landscape happen at twilight for this exact reason! You can feel so much in the liminal light. That is why painters loved it - the stretching shadows the "glow" of the divine around everything.

At our annual
In the Groves performance in the Arnold Arboretum of Boston on June 16th and 17th 2017, we take the audience down pathways and into several different groves of protected trees during these magical twilight hours.

Join us - we will be there to welcome you...

Tickets are at this link!

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