Thursday, September 10, 2009

The ULTIMATE Eggplant Parmesan

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So here is the Recipe

Recipe for ULTIMATE Eggplant Parmesan
The tender eggplant is the star in this fresh and delicious recipe ~ Diane Edgecomb

2 firm and fresh medium size eggplants
1 egg
1 and ½ T Milk
½ cup breadcrumbs
½ cup flour
Tomato Sauce of Choice (Tomato/Basil style)
Parmesan Cheese pre-grated or grate yourself. Best if it is not totally powdery and has some heft to the cheese “Kernels.”

To Prepare

Make an egg/milk batter. Mix one egg so there are no lumps left. Add 1 ½ T Milk and incorporate well (if you run out make the same amount of batter again – same goes for the breading)
Mix together flour and breadcrumbs (Progresso Italian Flavor my suggestion for breadcrumbs)
Prepare eggplants. Prepare one eggplant at a time as they discolor if left out in air.
Cut off ends of eggplant and peel skin. Cut into ½ inch circles.
Place each slice in turn in the batter. Make sure the slice soaks a tad on each side. Coat with mixture of flour and bread crumbs equal proportions. Shake off excess – you want your surfaces to be flat not lumpy so they fry evenly. Generously coat bottom of large cast iron or saute pan with light vegetable oil. (1/8 inch layer of oil or a bit less.)
Warm up oil on medium heat. When oil is warm begin frying the slices. Fry on one side till they begin to change color slightly around the edges. This takes a while! You can test them, if you stick a fork in to flip it, the eggplant should be getting soft and losing its resistance. Flip and fry on the other side until a fork inserted into the eggplant indicates it is soft and very very tender. If an edge of one is still very resistant you can move it to a hotter part of the pan and fry for a few more minutes. Resist poking them too much as that lets extra oil in.... still you must test! Useth thy judgement!
Whenever an eggplant slice is done remove it and put on paper towels to drain. Very lightly blot the top of the eggplants to remove excess oil but don’t squish them!
Take a 9 x 12 or so baking dish (glass or pyrex preferred) and coat bottom with generous layer of tomato sauce. Layer eggplant on top. Cut pieces to fill in gaps. Coat the eggplant layer with tomato sauce and then layer of grated parmesan cheese. Put on second layer of eggplant, top with tomato sauce and layer of parm cheese.

Cover with Foil and Bake 375 degrees for 20 minutes
Uncover foil and bake an additional 10 minutes or until the casserole bubbles lightly on the outer edges and the cheese has become slightly golden on top.
Serve with foccaccia bread or French bread and Pasta (Shells or Cellencini Pasta are nice) topped with a red pasta sauce that can have additional treats in it like mushrooms, onions- you know fun and chunky stuff. Enjoy!

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